Theatres you shouldn't miss in Liege

The highlights of Liège

The Theatre of Liège

In addition to its high-quality programming, which makes it the "First Stage of Wallonia", the Théâtre de Liège also offers the "Emulation Festival" and the "Pays de Danses" Biennial, two major events of international renown. Serge Rangoni, its director since 2004, has given the institution a reputation that extends beyond our borders and from which Belgian artists benefit. Moreover, the Liège theatre scene attracts the most talented actors from all over the world. Its collaboration with foreign cultural institutions such as the Avignon Festival allows for synergies and a constantly evolving dynamic.

The architecture of the building: The original building housed the Société Libre d'Emulation in the 18th century, which promoted the arts and literature. Completely destroyed during the war in 1914, it was rebuilt in 1939 in a neoclassical style and then completely restored in the 2000s. In 2013, the Liege Theatre moved in for good, benefiting from a brand new modern installation. On site you will find a bookshop focusing on the literary and artistic movements of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Café des Arts also welcomes you in a contemporary spirit with Jean Prouvé furniture.

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Le Forum

A key venue on the Liège art scene, the Forum took on a little Parisian air to host music-hall shows and operettas from 1922 onwards. The Forum then welcomed the greatest names in French song, from Jacques Brel to Charles Aznavour, via Edith Piaf and Barbara, creating a magical atmosphere in a fairytale setting. On the stage, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Pierre Arditi, Jean Piat and Robert Hossein have performed. Today, whether it is theatre, music or variety, the show is permanent. The Forum will continue to attract the world's greatest artists and thrill a loyal and demanding audience.

The architecture of the building: It is in a magnificently renovated Art Deco building from the 1920s that the Forum's beautiful adventure begins. The red carpets, the glittering lights, the golden mouldings, the exuberant floral and geometric motifs, make it a warm and unusual place that enhances the magic of the show.

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Le Festival de Liège

"A festival questions the present". This perfectly sums up the philosophy of this committed festival: to understand the world, to ask questions, to open up to other cultures, to fight for the best... Faced with the human madness that runs through our era, the Liege Festival takes an inquisitive look at the values of our society. The programme is strong, perhaps sometimes disturbing, and encourages us to reflect on the real basis of our actions. Is this not one of the essential vocations of art? The Liege Festival is also "Factory", a festival within the festival to discover emerging troupes. The troupes come from all over the world and develop stimulating cultural synergies. The Liege Festival is a unique cultural and intellectual event that generates a personal experience from which one does not emerge unscathed.

The architecture of the building: a place that questions the past, one might think when faced with this huge hall. Every place has its own history, whether it is from the past or the present. The Festival takes place in the "Manège", the former stables dating from 1837 adjacent to the Fonck barracks, now an art school and architecture university. Impressive for its height and its wooden framework, the hall underwent a major renovation to be refurbished in 2009 as a modern performance hall with high-performance scenographic equipment. Numerous cultural events now take place here, such as "Les Hivernales de la danse".

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