Places of alternative culture in Liege

Artistic encounter in the OFF districts

Apart from the classic cultural institutions, there are "OFF" places, places that are open to all forms of creativity and to any artistic actor who wishes to integrate an interdisciplinary structure. These places are a great source of urban creative development without taboos and deserve to be supported in their projects. There are exhibition halls, concert halls, workshops, conferences and debates, artistic meetings, dance and theatre performances, etc. We encourage you to visit them as they are true ambassadors of Liège's creativity.

Saint Léonard alternative zone

The "Saint Léonard district", in the north of the city, is part of an economic and artistic development project linked to the culture of its past. This district took off in the 19th century when numerous industries were established at the foot of the ramparts and near the accesses to the Meuse and the city centre. Its strategic position attracted a colliery and production workshops of all kinds which, once abandoned for more modern facilities, were converted much later into vast creative spaces.

Cultural associations have taken over the premises to turn them into real creative laboratories where audacity and freedom of expression reign supreme and have made art accessible to all. Among these associations, we can mention the creative resources counter or the RAVI workshops.

Today it is a multicultural district that has become the cradle of multidisciplinary creativity, which we hope will gain in reputation and become a key centre of creativity in Liège. Proof that art is an indispensable tool for social coherence and a dynamic vector necessary for urban development. In this context we can only encourage you to go and meet these new places.

L'espace 251 nord

A place for contemporary art that promotes the French-speaking scene

Atelier Ravi

Artists' residency

Comptoir des ressources créatives (hangar Dony)

An association "for the creators, by the creators

Espace 7

Space to promote local artists and environmentally friendly local products with a organic-cantine

Le hangar

Concert and exhibition venue

Parcours d’artistes

An event dedicated to art that takes place at the end of September

Also to be seen

In this district there are a few houses with Art Nouveau architecture (Maison Germeau, rue Vivegnis N°2), the former administrative building of the coal company which has become a contemporary art centre, the Espace 251 Nord (Art Nouveau wrought iron gate). In the rue Saint Léonard, the main street of the district, you will find the château des 4 tourettes (1512), and some Art Nouveau houses at N° 189 and 369

Alternative zone In Roture

En Roture

"En Roture" is a picturesque district whose pedestrian streets are lined with typical 17th century Mosan Renaissance houses that have often become small restaurants or artists' studios. The "15 August Festivities" have always been an important event in the life of the people of Liège and are held here for almost a week, highlighting popular traditions.

It is therefore no coincidence that the district is home to cultural venues such as KulturA, which brings together more than 30 associations to offer an eclectic programme. While music is given pride of place with 2 concert halls, there is also an art gallery and creative spaces. Numerous concerts are organised there in a psychedelic atmosphere.... or not.

A few steps away, the Aquilone association is evolving in a participative citizen approach. Giving a voice and opening up the space to everyone, defending cultural diversity, promoting social links through freedom of expression and creativity, these are some of the many objectives that the association has set itself since its creation in 1985. Theatre or painting workshops, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, all themes are tackled as long as we talk about sharing and cultural meetings. A whole world of creative energies designed to promote culture is therefore developing in a district that is already heavily involved in respecting Liège culture.

Pierreuse alternative zone

En Pierreuse

Pierreuse is a district of Liège that is part of the historical heritage built on the slopes of the citadel on the edge of the Bueren mountain. Its cobbled streets lined with old houses are full of secret spots which, in summer, reveal their charm. As you stroll along, you will come across a small 16th century chapel and its convent, the remains of the old ramparts or small hidden courtyards. There is even a "secret" entrance to the terraced garden path. Inhabited by notables in the 18th century, as evidenced by the Fond Saint Servais, it became a popular district in the 19th century where the taverns were well stocked. In the 20th century, immigrant populations took over the area and turned it into a lively, multicultural neighbourhood, creating various associations for social and economic integration over time.


It is in this context that the Barricade association was born as a place of life, meetings and cultural emancipation. Its café-library "Entre-temps" welcomes you every afternoon to help you discover their philosophy, in which human and social reflection are at the heart of the debates. A door to be pushed without restraint on rue Pierreuse at N°15.

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