The circuit of the collegiate schools of Liege

Let's put religious art back on your walking tour

Today's culture is shaped by yesterday's. Liege is a city that has based its cultural reputation on its religious heritage since the year 1000, particularly through its many churches, seven of which were named collegiate churches in keeping with their grandeur and power.

This heritage remains an important element in the development of cultural life and tourism today. This heritage remains an important element in the development of the cultural and tourist life of today. Each place recalls a part of our history and is the witness of a rich past that has allowed the city to build itself culturally. We cannot forget them and we must continue to embellish them.

Colleges you should not miss in Liege

Eglise Saint Jacques le Mineur

We recommend a visit to St. Paul's Cathedral for its Gothic style, stained glass windows, cloister and treasure, St. Jacques' Church for its flamboyant Gothic style and Italian Renaissance portal, St. Martin's Basilica for its tower from which you can admire a magnificent view of the city (access in summer only), and St. Barthélemy's Church for its twin Rhenish-style towers and its famous baptismal fonts

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Other places to discover

The Cathedral Treasury

At the back of the cathedral you would never guess that such a treasure was hidden. The place lives up to its name. It contains magnificent pieces, mainly from the former Saint Lambert Cathedral, which was destroyed in 1794 during the revolution. Other pieces come from the religious heritage decorating the churches of Liège since the Middle Ages, such as Byzantine and Mosan ivories, reliquaries, pieces of gold and silverware, but also two major pieces, namely the reliquary bust of Saint Lambert and the reliquary of Charles the Bold, prestigious witnesses of the late Gothic period.

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The baptismal font of Saint Barthélemy

Considered a true masterpiece of 12th century Mosan art and a technical and aesthetic feat worthy of the "Seven Wonders of Belgium", the baptismal font is a must-see part of Liège's cultural heritage.

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