Museums you shouldn't miss in Liege

The museums of Liege

In the hustle and bustle of the city, there are places where you can recharge your batteries. Walking through the door of a museum or an art gallery is soothing. They are places of such serenity that time seems to stand still. A few whispers disturb the silence, but soon the muffled atmosphere invades you and you enter the mysterious lair of colours and shapes. You are invaded by strange emotions that question you. You try the experience of confronting a work that has seduced you. And soon your mind is freed and all your senses are awakened. The encounter with a piece of art is always an experience.

The highlights of Liège

La Boverie: Museum of Modern Art

Musée de la Boverie

The Boverie is located in the beautiful park of the same name. This museum of modern art was restored by the architect Rudy Ricciotti, respecting the existing building but giving it a very contemporary architectural makeover.

The museum houses the Fine Arts collections as well as a space for temporary exhibitions in collaboration with the Louvre.

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Grand Curtius Museum: 7000 years of art and history

Musée du Grand Curtius

A symbol of the Mosan Renaissance, this architectural jewel is an exceptional museum complex whose collections retrace the historical past of Liege. The "Religious Art and Mosan Art" department houses some particularly beautiful pieces. The Virgin and Child, known as the Ponthoz piece, is of infinite beauty and delicacy and is one of my favourites.

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La Cité Miroir : A place to remember

Cité Miroir à Liège

An exceptional cultural venue located in the former baths and spas of La Sauvenière where humanity and memory are honoured. Conferences, exhibitions and debates are organised there. The permanent exhibition "Never again" retraces the journey of the deportees in the Nazi camps.

The liner-style building, built in the 1940s, is worth a visit in itself.  The pool hall is remarkable. Several meters high, it is illuminated by a large glass roof and a translucent concrete vault which dominate the façade. Left abandoned for many years, it was finally saved thanks to an impressive renovation from 2009 to 2014 and classified as a cultural heritage site in Wallonia.

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Musée de la vie Wallonne : At the heart of Liège's traditions

Musée de la vie Wallonne

A museum to discover a region from the 19th century to the present day. It deals with the history and the economy but also with the culture and traditions that have nourished and contributed to the evolution of the Walloon people through time.

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Le musée d'Ansembourg : an 18th century mansion

Le musée d'Ansembourg

Located in a private mansion that belonged to a rich banker, this museum is a fine example of 18th century bourgeois architecture. The furniture, decoration and architecture bear witness to the skills of Liège's craftsmen of the time. The sculpted panelling, tapestries, gold and silverware, clocks and glass reflect a refined art of living and the wealth of decorative arts in Liege at that time. A stroll through this beautiful architectural ensemble will immerse you in an elegant French atmosphere.

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The Liège Archaeoforum

Here you will find the remains of the foundations of the former Saint Lambert Cathedral. Imagine Notre Dame de Paris on this site. The dream takes shape but also the disappointment. It is hard to believe that this was a magnificent cathedral that was unfortunately destroyed stone by stone during the Liège Revolution in 1793. A visit to this underground museum will allow you to travel from prehistory to this famous revolution, revealing also the presence of a Gallo-Roman villa and even the traces of the murder of Saint Lambert. A fascinating tour is highly recommended.

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Other museums to discover

Le Mulum

The magic of light

Le musée Grétry

Return to the origins of the master of comic opera

The aquarium

The enchantment of the aquatic world

Le Musée en plein air du Sart-Tilman

An artistic walk in the green

Le Centre du design

A showcase for designers

Le Trinkhall Museum

A place of extraordinary creativity

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