A healthy breakfast with fresh produces

A breakfast with a soothing atmosphere

Breakfast is our favorite moment of the day. We strive to offer an intimate dining experience to bring people together and help faster blossoming connections.

With a soothing atmosphere and a view of the garden, this experience will be something to enjoy as you savoure your healthy and balanced home cooked meal.

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Just like grandma's recipes, our meals are our guilty pleasure. We love them. Our guests feel it too and rave about many our dishes such as our French toast. We are so grateful for their compliments and love the feeling that our meals bring them joy.

Sabine, your host

Petit déjeuner fait maison de The Street Lodge B&B

A home-made breakfast with local produces

Petit déjeuner de The Street Lodge
Icone fait maison

Home made

We offer eggs prepared as desired, as well as homemade preparations such as pancakes, French toast, carrot cake, crumble, depending on the mood of the day...

Icone produit frais

Fresh and local products

We favour seasonal and organic produces for yoghurt, fresh fruit, cereals and fruit juice.

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With our small merchants

Our neighborhood is full of small quality shops such as a bakery, a cheese store, a chocolate shop, a butcher, etc. The apple juice, the Liège syrup and the jams come from the artisanal syrup factory in Aubel.

Icone régime alimentaire

Adapted to your diet

Whether you are vegetarian or intolerant to gluten or lactose, we adapt your breakfast to your diet (upon reservation).