Liège gourmet: our selection of good addresses

Our selection of good addresses

From traditional Liège cuisine to international gastronomy, Liège is not short of good addresses to make you spend a good evening.  I invite you to discover our selection of restaurants but also breweries where you can taste a Belgian beer, bistros where you can enjoy the best meatball and French fries and trendy places where you can discover creative cuisine.

The restaurants

Near our B&B in the Guillemins district

Brasserie du Parc à la Boverie

We have very good restaurants at less than 5 minutes walk from our house. A large choice is offered: typical Liège cuisine, gastronomic French cuisine, fine Italian cuisine and world cuisine (Thai, Indian, Chinese, ...).


Brasserie Liégeoise

Le Grand Café de la Gare

Brasserie Liégeoise

Frédéric Maquin

Gastronomic restaurant

L’atelier pâtes


Mirabella pizza


Sotto Piano

Gastronomic restaurant

La Capitainerie

French and Belgian cuisine

Le Riva Brasserie

Gastronomic restaurant

La Villa du Parc

French and Belgian cuisine

Le Namasté

Indian restaurant

Balami Thai

Thaï restaurant

Feng Ling

Chinese restaurant

Sushi Nagoya

Japanese restaurant

Traiteur Maxime


A Cortina


In the city center

Terrasse de la Place Cathédrale

The Cathedral Square is the heart of the city, with a pleasant pedestrian shopping area on one side and a sort of "Latin Quarter" with a Parisian feel on the other side behind the cathedral, full of gastronomic and culinary treasures not to be missed.

La Petite Epicerie

Fusion and creative cuisine

Le Moment

Fusion and vegetarian cuisine


Mediterranean cuisine


Italian restaurant


Seafood restaurant

Le Qualia

Gastronomic restaurant

In the historic heart

Boulet frite

In recent years, the historic heart of the city has been working hard to revitalise streets that were once abandoned. This is the case in the area behind the market square. En Neuvice, En Hors Château and the Rue de la Goffe now have a number of quality restaurants. From the bistro with its gingham tablecloths in Rue de la Goffe to the gastronomic restaurants in Rue Hors Château, lovers of cochonnaille or fine cuisine will be delighted.

Le Paris-Brest

Fine cuisine belge

Au Moriane

Gastronomic restaurant

Le Bistrot d’en Face

Local cuisine

Le Thème

Gastronomic restaurant

Le Bistro n’Home

Cuisine fusion

Terra Terrae

Fusion and creative cuisine

La rue Souverain-Pont

Rue Souverain Pont

For several years now, fashion designers, craftsmen and gourmet addresses have been rubbing shoulders in perfect harmony in a creative dynamic. It has become the place to be for thirty-somethings in search of trendy places. In summer, the street is transformed into a gigantic terrace where you can hardly find your way between the tables.

We have chosen Oggi bistroteca, Osteria Figo and trattoria Mio Posto, the three Italian addresses on the street that you should not miss, run by local owners who are passionate about the culinary traditions of their country of origin.

Mio Posto

Italian cuisine

Ostria Figo

Italian cuisine

Oggi Bistroteca

Italian cuisine

Ma Ferme en Ville

Organic canteen

En Outremeuse

En Roture

If you want to immerse yourself in the popular atmosphere of Liège, we invite you to visit Roture. This typical street with its small old houses is full of small restaurants. Let your inspiration and your mood guide you, they each have their own character and carry the soul of the neighbourhood.

Beer and wine bars

Le Pinart à Liège

La Brasserie Curtius


Le Verre Bouteille

Wine bar

Le Beer Lovers

Temple of Beer

Le Pinart

Wine bar

Gourmet breaks

La Grand Poste

Le Caffe Internazionale

Creative canteen

La Grand’Poste

Food Market

Darius Café

Trendy canteen

Le Pain quotidien

Bakery - restaurant

Ventre content

Veggie cuisine

Une gaufrette saperlipopette

Local pastries

Where to eat meatballs in Liege

Boulet frite

Boulet à la liégeoise is the typical dish of the city of Liège. It consists of meatballs cooked in a sweet and sour sauce made from Liège syrup,... and served with fries. It can be found in all the Liège brasseries. But some have turned it into a real institution and claim the title of "best Liège ball". Indeed, competitions are organised every year and are the object of a rivalry between Liège residents, whether professionals or not.

There is even a "gay boulet brotherhood". If you wish to know other addresses, I invite you to consult the site of "boulet-liegeoise" which proposes a classification.

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