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Dès que vous franchirez la porte de cette suite vous serez transportés dans un monde imaginaire qui vous fera voyager vers un ailleurs luxuriant. Le papier peint, également de l’éditeur Casamance, offre une fenêtre ouverte sur un paysage exotique qui invite au rêve et au voyage.

Oeuvre de Bénédicte François

Exhibition event on October 1, 2020

Bénédicte François


Bénédicte François has been an artist since she first held her colored pencils in her hands. From her childhood she has kept an endearing exuberance, a free spirit but also an overflowing need for creativity. Inspired by the iconography of the 50's, her works reflect a temperament both ebullient and sensitive. A duality that we can guess through forms that dance in space and soft and shimmering colors. Her compositions are sometimes whimsical, sometimes soothing, all in her image. Very attentive, she would like to hear your feelings and opinions on her work.

Serge Beeken

Sketches and paintings

Serge Beeken is a graduate architect from Saint Luc. Also a long-time friend, this is his second exhibition at the Street Lodge. His compositions are based on graphic research defined randomly by a free gesture inspired by aerial visions and urbanistic zooms. This is how he defines himself his work that he executes on musical sequences such as "Blue train" by John Coltrane.  Black and gray remain his favorite colors, those that bring together and build.

Ann Piron

Fashion show of the designer

During this event we had the pleasure to attend the fashion show of Ann Piron, wedding dress designer for 30 years in Liege. With the mass cancellation of weddings this summer, the stylist changed her mind in a flash and developed with an uncontrollable frenzy a ready-to-wear line created 3 years ago.  Dressing women in their daily lives quickly became a passion. Imagining comfortable models by handling fluid materials with more extravagant fabrics, such is the line of conduct of the creator who can finally give free rein to her imagination, and that without constraint. She chooses her fabrics like a painter chooses his colors. She handles her scissors like a painter handles his brush. And it is there that the model takes shape and that finally makes each piece unique.

Exhibition of May 13, 2016

Anne Truyers

Graphic drawings


Oeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte François

Exposition du 14 septembre 2018

Anne Truyers

Dessins graphiques

Anne Truyers' graphic design takes us on a thousand journeys: it is almost useless, but unavoidable, to try to find a meaning (of reading?) through all these infinite motifs and threads that wind and intertwine to form an inextricable knot worthy of Gordias'. We are in front of a real geographical map of the human being, of his road, of his path, sometimes chaotic, free, never straight in any case... A map without rails or highways, but only made of real small hiking trails, those where she walks her dog, to invite us to wander, to get lost: the opposite of a destiny... Text by Sophie Horenbach

Oeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte FrançoisOeuvre de Bénédicte François

Nicole Stenuit

Sculptures to read

Newspaper, that is what Nicole Stenuit's works are made of.

Fragile and ephemeral material, paper draws its strength from the words it carries. These words, charged with history and feelings, sweep through our lives, bear witness to the passing of time and to our past dramas. It is then that Nicole Stenuit's creatures come to life as guardians of memory... The woman is her muse, whether she is in love, dreaming, working or still upset, flayed, revolted. The femininity of Nicole's sculptures reveals grace and sensuality. The fineness of the features is surprisingly subtle. "Is there not in each of us a dream of innocence? And the paper on which the violence of the world is printed, does it not keep the trace of the tree from which it was born?

Gianfranco Mancini

Sculptures in the garden

Self-taught sculptor of Tuscan origin, Franco Mancini works mainly with natural stone, a material he masters perfectly and to which he puts his own stamp. In fact, a stonecutter by profession, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Liege after a work accident that left him without a leg. Always guided by his passion for stone, he rebuilds his identity as an artist, a dream he has nurtured since his youth. This is the beginning of a beautiful story. His talent is quickly recognized and he quickly participates in numerous exhibitions in Belgium. His marble and blue stone sculptures have earned him a reputation at numerous international symposiums. Gianfranco draws his inspiration from human representation and nature. The desire for perfection tends him towards pure forms that translate the strength of the suggestiveness. Sometimes stylized, sometimes abstract, the line curves and reveals the depth of passionate feelings that collide. Once polished, the sculpture sketches a discreet sensuality of a timeless beauty.